The Beginning of Something Great

catherine lachance photography

First of all, I’d love to say Hello and Welcome! I am so excited about this new website. It’s the start of something big for me. I am a self-taught lifestyle photographer and after having my daughter, I began to realize how quickly that time truly passes. As she grew, I found myself taking more and more photos. I began to treasure the ability to capture some of these most precious moments with my daughter and my family in photographs.

As my love of photography grew, my once hobby became a new career.

My true passion is capturing people and emotion in their truest forms while pushing myself to continue growing as a photographer. I strive to make each session unique to the client and environment to help bring out their most authentic features.

I invite you to look through my galleries of photos and even take a look as some of my favorites here. If you’re interested in seeing more of my work, tap any of the images below to see the full gallery.

Newborn photography by Catherine LaChance Photography


Maternity Photo Shoot


Catherine LaChance Children Photo Session giggles


Couples photography by Catherine LaChance Photography