Wedding Photography

Beautiful Georgia Wedding Photography by Catherine LaChance

Catherine LaChance is simply the best wedding photographer in Georgia.

Your wedding is an incredible milestone in your life. It represents the love and promise of your relationship and the new life you will share together. It’s heartwarming and exciting, and it’s a special day where you’ll be surrounded by loved ones who are celebrating you and your partner.

I would be honored to be a small part of your perfect day by taking your wedding photos. I can help you capture every moment of your special day. With both formal and candid shots taken throughout the day, you’ll get the full story of your wedding told in photos. I take photos to capture the genuineness on the event, focusing on getting shots that show the love that led you both to this big day.

Wedding photography should encapsulate the uniqueness of your relationship as well as the emotion and energy of the day. I want to create wedding photos that you and your partner can look back on in years to come, remembering the lovely memories of your relationship and your wedding day. That’s what photos are for - to give you the chance to look back, laugh, smile, and remember the wonderful events of the day.

(I also believe that wedding photography shouldn’t be something you and your partner need to stress about - that’s why I’m here! As I mentioned, my goal is to get both formal shots and candid shots of the wedding. You’ll have lots of photos to go over, and you won’t have to worry. You two should be focused on each other and on the special day, not on fretting about the photos.)

Right now, I do wedding photography in Lawrenceville, Loganville, Snellville, Covington, and Athens. I’d love to help you capture the story of your day so you can remember it and share it for years to come. Your wedding should be filled with lovely stories, and those are the stories I want to tell through your wedding pictures.