Santos Wedding

I had been looking forward to this wedding for years it seemed.  It was the wedding between my beautiful cousin, Leeanne, and her incredible fiancé, George.  The chance to photograph such a special day for a family member always brings me joy, but the chance to do it in St. Augustine made it that much better (if you know me, you know how much I love the beach).  There was no stress or anxiety on this day, there was only joy.  When I say joy, I do not mean squeals and hyper-excitement that can accompany such a big celebration.  This day was filled with the type of joy that comes from the comfort of being with someone for so long, knowing them better than they know themselves, and knowing that there is no question that you have found your life partner.


Leeanne’s bridesmaids were all sisters (hers and George’s), but there was such a genuine friendship among them. I honestly felt so at ease with them, as they were so kind, inclusive and encouraging.  It was so much fun listening to them share old stories and create new memories.  Taking Leeanne’s bridal portraits in the stunning bridal suite of the The White Room, it was truly something to behold.  She was just glowing in the most effortless and organic way.


The ceremony was set in the beautiful Villa Blanca, and guests witnessed the exchanging of vows under high ceilings with gorgeous crystal chandeliers and walls of windows overlooking the water.  The backdrop was simple and elegant, and beautifully highlighted this precious couple.


The reception was one of my most favorite to date.  George’s family is from Panama, and it was beautiful to see the mixture of cultures present at this celebration.  From the food to the dancing, there was such an influx of flavor and passion to the evening.


Leeanne and George, I love you both so much! Your day was a dream and it was such a privilege to be the one there to capture it!!  I hope you enjoy the pictures for years to come.  Here are a few of my favorites from your day!!