Hunt Maternity Session

A Fun Adventure!

The Hunt’s maternity session was exactly that, a fun adventure.  For several weeks leading up to this session, we emailed back and forth about location.  Photography is the same as real estate in that location is key!  Understanding what backdrop a couple wants for their session tells so much about their desired style.  I love the openness of a beautiful field with the sun sinking on the horizon, but that isn’t for everyone.  This particular couple wanted a variety of settings, and so we agreed upon two locations.

The first was the beautiful Vines Botanical Gardens, and the second was a field in a rural area of town I had found.  I tend to believe that farmers have these beautiful fields to offer me incredible session locations, but this session taught me I am wrong about that.  As we pulled up to what was once a large field of wildflowers and tall grass I was shocked.  My perfect field was now plowed up and nothing but dirt ready for planting.  I couldn’t believe my eyes, but had plan B ready!  I had another field in mind that I had used the previous day.  As we drove up to it, I found out that the farming community was in cahoots against me.  This field was freshly mowed and without all the lush wild grass and flowers.  Luckily this sweet couple had a great sense of humor, because we found a small patch of filed off of the highway and decided to roll with it.

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