Antrim Newborn Session

Welcome Baby Evanell

It is hard to believe that the new year is here! I have so much in store for 2018, and could not be more excited about what is to come.  This year is going to be about pushing limits and refocusing my energy.  I want to break through my creative limits to discover new ideas and new inspiration.  I also want to return my focus to my true photography passions, maternity and newborn.

It was wonderful to start 2018 by photographing the precious Antrim family after they welcomed sweet newborn Evanell.  I loved having her big sister by my side, both watching over her newborn sister and demonstrating the amazing mind and curiosity of a child.  We both couldn’t stop smiling as I answered her questions and captured her newborn sister’s sleepy smile.  The bond between those little girls will be so strong, and I felt extremely privileged to witness the beginning of it.  Even beyond the bond of sister’s though is the bond between a father and his newborn daughter.  Capturing the delicate features of a newborn girl next to the rougher features of her father’s shows his strength as her greatest protector.  The newborn session for this family truly contained every aspect of why I love newborn photography so very much!

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